Phoebe Lindenbach

Born and raised in the Fraser Valley, Phoebe first enrolled in dance classes at the age of three. Since then she has trained intensely, loving every second! In her competitive years, Phoebe was able to find great success in competitions; being awarded top soloist of the year, and even receiving an invitation to compete at a national level.

Post graduation, Phoebe has traveled to Los Angeles, New York and Toronto for multiple occasions. With each visit, her experience and success levels have elevated; leaving with roles in music videos, ‘featured dancer’ in professional class filming and scholarships. Continuous training in ones craft is an important aspect in Phoebes life, as she will never stop trying to better herself so that she is equipped with the knowledge and ability needed to advance her students.

Beginning in September of 2017, Phoebe took on her new role as dance instructor. From this, Phoebe was able to find a new type of love and appreciation for dance; feeling fulfillment through her students successes! Also ranging in the field performance, Phoebe is involved with multiple acting schools in Vancouver. Having Vancouver be the base for her acting agency as well, Phoebe finds herself emerged in a wealth of the performing arts. She aspires to incorporate the same fundamentals of theatrical work into her dancers and their presence on stage!

Phoebe’s wish is to continue teaching, inspiring and engaging with young dancers; to bring them to their full potential and fuel their love and passion for dance.