Nicholas Hasenpflug

Nicholas has been passionately dancing for many years and in 2002 he decided to share that passion with others teaching. He specializes in teaching Hip-Hop/Breaking and has had a very consistent following throughout the years. He dedicates his expertise to bringing his students dance skills to new heights and prepares them for competitions, battles and life as he is an exceptional role model for his students.

Nicholas maintains and improves upon his craft in order to keep the highest standard of teaching by competing at several B-Boy events such as “Just for Kicks” in Surrey, “Circle Prinz Canada” in Vancouver and “Big Trouble Little Vancouver” in Surrey where he and his Team “FloorPlay Crew” are known for their high achievements. He continues to offer his time to hosting 3 battles a year for dancers under 18 years old. He also hosted the very well-known international “Freestyle session” competition and “Born to Represent”, which have been very successful over the years.

Nicholas is determined to share his love for dance with all of his students and anyone else that seeks a challenge and wishes to explore their love of dance. He looks at break dancing as a way of life because you always have to overcome new challenges. Bboying (Break Dancing) to him is about discovering who you are and continually discovering new ways of becoming the best version of yourself.