Avery Senft

Avery found her love for dance at the age of 4. Since then, her passion has continued to grow, and she has flourished as a dancer and performer. Avery found significant success as a dancer including being chosen as a Member of Team Canada Dance where she finished in the top 5 in Mikolajki, Poland. She was also honored with being chosen as PAC West Provincial Representative in 2016 and Chilliwack Dance Festival Provincial Representative Runner-Up in 2020. Avery has been awarded many top finishes, overall awards, and scholarships. In Avery’s final year as a competitive dancer, she was offered a full scholarship to train at the “House of Jazz” in London, England (due to Covid she was unable to attend). After graduating high school, Avery has focused on learning the skill of choreography by assisting multiple dance instructors as well as instructing classes of her own. This fall Avery will be attending the University of the Fraser Valley in the Arts department, with a focus on Psychology. She hopes to learn new skills to bring back to the dance studio. Avery is excited to bring her passion, dedication, and creative process to the studio. She believes in creating a positive space where all children can have success. She hopes to inspire children to love dance as much as she does.