About Us

We are Legacy Dance Productions, a new home built on a solid foundation of education, lovehard work and passion.  Our instructors and directors are among the best with a passion to share their knowledge and experience. Legacy believes in raising strong independent dancers who want to change the world; dancers who will become leaders to inspire and be inspired.  We are a studio with the right fit for everyone. We offer Recreational classes, Competitive Classes, Company level classes and Production.

We have faith in every child’s dreams and we want to help them see their worth and realize their dreams. Each of us has someone who inspired and believed in us – transforming our simple love of dance into a desire to change the lives of the next generation. We hope to make a difference by helping every child, through movement, expression, experience and education, to find a love for this art and life. We have a vision and we want you to be a part of it.

Be part of the Legacy.